Olivia Corrin

Major Surf Sports Achievements:
NZ Surf Nationals 2015
Gold U16 Surf Race
Gold U16 Board Race
Gold U16 Run Swim Run
Gold U16 2km Beach Run
Gold U16 Tube Rescue
Gold U16 Board Relay
Gold U16 Taplin Relay
Gold Open Board Relay
Silver Open Taplin Relay
Bronze Open Board Rescue
Aussie Surf Nationals 2015
Gold U15 2km Beach Run
Silver U15 Diamond Lady
Bronze U15 Surf Race, U15 Board Race

What club do you race for in NZ/Aus? Midway
Sporting Inspiration? Max Beattie, Devon Halligan, Michael Phelps
Interests outside of training and Racing? Relaxing at the beach, hanging out with friends, surfing
Tunes? Taylor Swift, Travie McCoy, Little Mix
Why Sonic? I love riding my Sonic board because of having it perfectly fitted for me and the amazing designs that the Sonic crew are able to produce for me. I am also really lucky to have Matt Sutton as my coach. He is a great inspiration to me, and I enjoy training every time even if the going gets tough!