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Ben Cochrane

Major Achievements:
The first major achievment is the life I have been able to lead doing this sport. The travel, people I have gotten to meet and healthy lifestyle it has taught me are some of my proudest achievements.
3x New Zealand Representative.
2017 Short Course Coolangatta Gold Champ
Silver Open Men's Ironman 2016
Gold Open Men's Run Swim Run 2016
2014 Mount Monster Champion
2x NZ U19 Ironman Champion

Clubs I race for:
Omanu Beach in NZ and Surfers Paradise in Australia. Both have some of my best mates in them so I love training and racing for each club!

Sporting Inspirations:
John John Florence & Ali Day. Also Trev Hendy for teaching me to be my best self on and off the water.

Other interests: I really like messing around with my guitar, traveling, surfing and snowboarding. Also spending time with friends and family.

Why Sonic: To begin Matt and Kylee are the most incredible people it really feels like being a part of one big family. To know my gear is made in Gisborne and to the highest quality is great and gives me a lot of confidence racing! I love being associated with such a progressive and positive NZ based brand.

Socials: Slide in my dm's for a chat @ ben_cochrane or facebook: