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Ben Cochrane

Major Surf Sports Achievements:
2014 World Championship Results: 2nd U19 Ski Race. 3rd U19 Ironman
New Zealand National Championships Results:
2015: 2nd U19 Ironman. 3rd U19 Ski Race. 4th U19 Run Swim Run
2014: 1st U19 Ironman. 1st U19 Run Swim Run. 3rd U19 Surf Race
2013: 1st U19 Ironman. 4th U19 Surf Race
2012: 1st U16 Ironman. 3rd U16 Surf Race
2011: 2nd U16 Ironman. 2nd U16 Board Race
Australian National Championship Results:
2015: 2nd U19 Surf Teams. 3rd U19 Ski Relay. U19 Ironman Finalist
2014: 3rd U19 Taplin Relay
What club do you race for in NZ/Aus?
I am stoked to be apart of Omanu Beach Surf Life Saving Club in New Zealand and BMD Northcliffe in Australia. Both clubs are very supportive in helping me to achieve both my sporting goals as well as my bigger life goals.
Sporting Inspiration? I have 3 sporting inspirations each for various reasons.
Shannon Eckstein is the obvious choice as he has dominated the Life Saving scene for such a long time. I have got to watch him win the Australian Ironman title 3 times as well as win the World Ironman Title in France and it inspires you to want to achieve at that same level.
Kelly Slater: to be able to continue to dominate the surfing world for such a long time is crazy. I am always interested to hear his opinions in interviews especially when he has lost. He always has a good way of analyzing the positives and negatives of each situation and always knows what he can do to improve.
Michael Phelps: Has won 22 medals at the Olympic games. Need I say more?

Interests outside of training and Racing? I am studying full time doing a Bachelor of Business Studies majoring in Accounting as well as working at BMD Northcliffe Surf Club. That keeps me pretty busy but I always make time to go Surfing and hang out with mates. I also like to mess around with my guitar and a big fan of music.
Tunes? I am a big Six60 fan. Super upset I missed their concert in the Mount last week. But I have a massive variation in songs on my iTunes. I pretty much like every kind of music and go through phases of liking different artists
Why Sonic ? Well why wouldn’t you want to be apart of New Zealand’s only Surf Craft Manufacturer who is committed to being innovative and constantly seeking ways to improve there craft both to the highest standard and also to be the fastest and most reliable gear on the beach. The fact the gear is made a couple of 100 kilometers from where I live means I could build a really good relationship with the Sonic Team and over the years refine my craft to the highest level. Sonic has helped me to reach some of my biggest achievements to date like racing for New Zealand at the World Champs and they have more recently helped me relocate to the Gold Coast giving me craft in both New Zealand and Australia to continue to peruse my dreams.
Other Sponsors: DRS Aquatic, Engine Swim, Key Research.
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