Welcome to SONIC SURF CRAFT. We’ve been manufacturing surf craft for some time now and we really love what we do.

Sonic Surf Craft was really born out of a desire to be able to go surfing when the waves were good and for NZ surfing legend Benny Hutchings to live life “his way”. 

From the humble beginnings of a small operation in a very small Gisborne shed, Sonic Surf Craft has evolved into a successful company that provides Surf Craft for people all over the world.

From equipment for the next generation of surf sports stars through to the sports current elite athletes, we’ve made a real name for ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of SLS equipment in the world. We’re enjoying a great time at Sonic Surf Craft and we’d love to have you along for the ride!

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5750 speed carbon ski title graphic
Speed Carbon Race Ski

5750 speed ski Title graphic
Speed Race Ski

Increased tail lift allows the paddler to take full advantage of runners.
Vacuum bagged and infused for extra strength and to keep the weight to a constant 18kg.
Available sprayed in any and all colour designs to stand out like a boss.